Telephony API - Quick Reference

Based on PSTN and SIP protocols, the Telephony API provides an interface for the developers to have Symbl bridge/join VoIP calls and get the results back in real-time as well. Optionally, you can also trigger an email at the end of the conversation containing the URL to view the transcription, insights and topics in a single page Web Application.

An Access Token is required to call this API.

This is a POST API call which references the following API Endpoint:

This will return the following Response Parameters:

  • eventUrl - REST API to push speaker events as the conversation is in progress, to add additional speaker context in the conversation.
  • resultWebSocketUrl - Same as eventUrl but over WebSocket. The latency of events is lower with a dedicated WebSocket connection.ct
  • connectionId - Ephemeral connection identifier of the request, to uniquely identify the telephony connection.
  • conversationId - Represents the conversation - this is the ID that needs to be used in conversation api to access the conversation

For more information, please refer to the following Symbl documentation: